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FILLERINA 12 HA Densifying-Filler Face Treatment Grade 3 with Gift Filler Day Cream Grade 3

FILLERINA 12 HA Densifying-Filler Face Treatment Grade 3 with Gift Filler Day Cream Grade 3

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Filler Action: 12 Hyaluronic Acids with different molecular weights for skin wrinkles and volume in the cheekbones and lips
Volume Replenishment Action: 3 molecules of Collagen and 2 molecules of Elastin to strengthen the firmness and elasticity of the skin

FILL ACTION Over time, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin gradually decreases, creating imperfections such as wrinkles, expression lines and volume loss (loss of skin firmness and density), especially in the cheekbones, cheeks and lips.

The Fillerina 12HA Volumizing and Filling treatment has a patented formulation, which contains a complex of 12 different Hyaluronic Acid molecules with different molecular weights and sizes, which penetrate particularly effectively into the different layers of the skin (ex vivo test with Franz Cells ), achieving the filling and replenishment of the volume of the skin tissues. The molecular weights of the 12 plumping Hyaluronic Acids contained in this formulation range from 400 to 2,000,000 Daltons, and all have demonstrated high skin penetration (ex vivo testing).

VOLUME REPLACEMENT ACTION The Fillerina 12HA Volumizing & Filling treatment combines 3 collagen molecules with different molecular weights (2,000, 12,000 and 300,000 Da) which, penetrating to the dermis (ex vivo test with Franz Cells), promote an increase in the density of the extracellular network and strengthen the filling and tightening action synergistically with Hyaluronic Acid molecules. Due to chronological aging, the quantity and quality of Elastin, the structural protein of elastic fibers, also decreases, which reduces skin elasticity and contributes to skin sagging. The composition combines 2 Elastin molecules with different molecular weights (1,400 Da and 2,200 Da), which are specifically aimed at replenishing this loss and restoring the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

The package of the Fillerina 12HA treatment contains:
14 doses (of 2 ml) Volume Replenishment and Filling Gel (1 vial of 30 ml)
14 doses (of 2 ml) Nourishing Film (Vial 2 with 30 ml)
2 precision applicators for external use


  • For the relief of the face (wrinkles and lines of expression)
  • For volume in the cheekbones and lips
  • For contour reshaping and straightening
  • For restoration of wrinkles indicatively in the middle of the forehead, crow's feet, neck, cheeks, nasolabial folds and wrinkles around the lips
  • To replenish the volume, density and elasticity of the skin
  • To activate the regeneration of the structural components of the skin such as collagen fibers, elastin and the extracellular network


Fillerina 12HA Volumizing and Filling Day Cream is a daily care treatment with anti-wrinkle and skin replenishing action. The high concentration of the complex of 12 hyaluronic acids of Fillerina transdermal technology ensures intensive anti-wrinkle filler action on the face and neck. At the same time, the composition has been reinforced with 3 molecules of collagen and 2 molecules of low molecular weight elastin with a targeted action of replenishing the density and elasticity of the skin. The active ingredients provide 24-hour intensive deep hydration, anti-aging protection, nourishment and firming while at the same time leaving the skin renewed and radiant. Available in a 50ml tube

The Fillerina 12HA Volumizing and Filling dermo-cosmetic treatment is available in 3 different grades with increasing concentrations of the active ingredients, so that the appropriate one can be selected according to the needs of the skin.

Visible wrinkles and expression lines
Visible aging wrinkles with uneven texture
Visible loss of tissue density and volume
Skin with reduced tone and elasticity Initial relaxation
Need to increase volume in the cheekbones and lips

Barcode: 8051417040204, 8051417040204

Fillerina 12HA Volumizing & Filler intensive treatment should be applied daily for 14 days, in the morning or evening according to the needs and habits of each individual, applying 2 ml of Volumizing & Filler Gel (Vial 1) on the wrinkles, points with more intense relief and in the areas that need volume increase (cheekbones, lips). To enhance the effect of Fillerina, it is recommended to apply the product to clean skin free of sebum and impurities. The application must be done with the special Applicator, which allows pumping 1 ml of product 2 times (and corresponds to a total amount of 2 ml per application) and then applying it precisely on the desired areas. Leave the Volumizing & Filling Gel on for 10 minutes for the active ingredients to "fill" the application areas. With your palms or fingers, dab the rest of the product, completing the application. You should not do circular massage or other movements to avoid the possibility of creating residues on the skin. A possible skin pulling sensation that you may feel is due to the action of the product. Then, apply the Nourishing Film (Vial 2), which provides a sufficient amount of nutrients and moisturizing ingredients and completes the treatment by offering a feeling of relief to the skin of the face and neck. Pump 1-2 ml of Film as needed and apply it to the entire face and neck.

To enhance the effect of the product, it is recommended to drink two glasses

Day cream application tips:

It is applied daily in the morning to clean and dry skin on the face and neck, alongside the Fillerina 12HA Densifying Filler Face Treatment or after the intensive treatment has been completed to maintain and enhance the results. It is also applied alone as a daily treatment.

Instructions for opening: Fillerina 12HA vials (1 and 2) have a special metal seal with a plastic opening system. The opening point is marked with two arrows: lift the plastic tray in the direction of the arrows and gently pull it upwards and then sideways until the metal seal is removed. Remove the rubber stopper and discard it, then pump out the required amount of product. After the first opening, to close the bottle use the plastic cap included in the product packaging.

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