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MODUCARE Kid’s Grape 60 chewable tablets

Water-soluble Herbal Capsules: One capsule in the morning, noon, evening, always on an empty stomach one hour before meals with water or juice. The dose of 2 capsules three times a day is recommended for the first month of administration. Chewable Candies for Children: Two chewable candies a day, preferably morning and evening, one hour before meals.

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MODUCARE Moduprost Extra Power 90 Capsules

In benign prostatic hyperplasia ModuProst is a completely herbal combination that aims to reduce prostate cell volume, reduce inflammation and generally improve the function of the urogenital system. Clinic A study conducted with Moduprost and published in the Lancet showed that its daily intake led to a significant improvement in all the parameters under consideration related to patients' qual...

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MODUCARE Modullon 90 Capsules

Immune dysfunction results in our body not being able to deal with frequent colds and viruses and being infected and maintaining autoimmune and chronic viral diseases. Moducare is a world-class sterol synthesis and contains sterols. Specifically contains β-sitosterol and β-D-glucoside of β-sitosterol. of β-sitosterol is achieved: √ Water solubility. αποτελεσμα Optimal effectiveness in small d...

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