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ITEM Promo Alphactif Lotion Anti-Chute 100ml + Shampoo 200ml

Ta mallia zoune kai pethainoun sumfona me ena fusiko kuklo pou diarkei 3 me 5 xronia. H trixoptosh einai epomenos mia fusikh diadikasia.
Parola auta h ptosh perissoteron apo 100 trixon th mera einai upevolikh. Epomenos, einai shmantiko na drasete amesa prin h trixoptosh xeirotereusei!

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ITEM Dermatologie Shampoo Alphactif Fine Hair 200ml

Item Dermatologie Shampoo Alphactif Fine Hair 200ml is recommended for fine and/or devitalized hair.In addition to, or alternating with, hair loss treatment, the ALPHACTIF fortifying and volumising shampoo provides optimal cleansing for fine and devitalised hair with a weakened scalp.It contains the following actives:- Organic Silicon: it restores cellular exchanges and activates blood circulation...

€11.00Regular price

ITEM Alphacedre Shampoo for Very Oily Hair & Itchy Scalp 200ml

Item Dermatologie Alphacèdre Shampoo Very Oily Hair 200ml is recommended for very oily hair and for itchy scalp.Dermatologically tested, it distinctly improves the state of oily hair with unbalanced scalp and itching. A seboregulating complex, principally composed of sulfur peptides, amino acids and vitamins of B group, regulates the sebaceous secretion, soothes itching of hair scalp and improves ...

€10.12Regular price

ITEM AlphaKeptol Shampoo 200ml

aItem Dermatologie Shampoo Alphakeptol DS Severe Dandruff States 200ml is recommended for hard types of dandruff and itchy scalp.Thanks to a synergy of 4 active agents in the formula, it is the major treatment of the recurrent cases of dandruff for both greasy and dry scalp, whether or not accompanied by itching.- Zinc pyruthion and piroctone olamine, powerful active agents, inhibit the proliferat...

€9.75Regular price

ITEM Alphacade Shampoo 200ml

Item Dermatologie Alphacade Shampoo PSO Scaly Skin 200ml is a treatment which cleanses the scalp. Thanks to its triple combined action, it offers the best hygienic solution for severe cases of dandruff:- Salicylic acid, combined with the essential oils of juniper and cedar, softens the skin and scalp,- Essential juniper oil, has a regenerative and anti-itching action,- Grapefruit Extract, with its...

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ITEM Alphactif Lotion 100ml

Item Dermatologie Alphactif Anti-Fall Lotion 100ml is a lotion that reduces hair loss and stimulates the growth of the hair bulb. This lotion is recommended for alopecic conditions in men and women.Organic Silicon restores cellular exchanges and reactivates micro-circulation, inducing a stimulating action on the germinal zone of the hair.Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine is essential in the hair bulb to en...

€15.00Regular price