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FOLLON Anti-Hair loss Shampoo 200ml

Follon Shampoo deeply cleanses the scalp while at the same time treating and rejuvenating the hair shaft. Contains: • Organic silicon which activates the production of keratinocytes, improves microcirculation and enhances the synthesis of collagen and elastin. • A - hydroxy acids that remove dead cells resulting in increased oxygenation scalp. • Oat lipoproteins, which are mild cleansers, creat...

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FOLLON Anti-Hair loss Lotion Tincture 100ml

Local Androgen Inhibition Follon Tincture is a pioneering, alternative approach to the topical treatment of AGA. Many herbal substances, known for their action against AGA and their beneficial properties in healthy hair growth, were combined in Follon Tincture with the world-renowned herbal sterol composition Isocomplex Concentrate (Patent No. PCT / EP00 / 07315), creating an active topical form...

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FOLLON 60 Capsules

Follon Caps contains the internationally unique and patented (Patent No. EPO509656) combination of β-sitosterol and its glycoside which have been proven to: alopecia, without any side effects and especially in libido. √ treats the micro-inflammations that are largely responsible for hair loss by regulating the balance of T cells in the immune system. Caps are also enriched with Folic Acid, Pantot...

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