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LAMBERTS Maxi Hair 60 tampletes

A comprehensive multi formula providing nutrients required for healthy hair.Healthy hair is an outward sign of health, and this product provides 25 essential micronutrients to help you stay in optimum health. It contains a good spread of nutrients including the B vitamins and biotin which can help in the maintenance of healthy skin hair and nails. The nutrients in Maxi-Hair are all presented at si...

€19.20Regular price

LAMBERTS Selenium 200mg 60 tampletes

Selenium acts as an antioxidant, which are substances that help our bodies to destroy or quench harmful free radicals that are produced quite naturally in the human body and which, if allowed to proceed unchecked, can harm tissues and organs.Lamberts has selected the organic Seleno-L-Methionine form of selenium because of its superior absorption. Each tablet contains 200ug of selenium which is twi...

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LAMBERTS Selenium 200mg plus A+C+E 100 tampletes

Including Vitamins A+C+E, one-a-day formula Lamberts Selenium plus A, C & E formula supplies 200µg selenium (twice the level found in most products) combined with significant levels of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E.Selenium contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and nails as well as the regular function of the immune system. It is also involved in the protection of cells from oxidat...

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LAMBERTS B-50 Complex 60 tampletes

A balanced formula of the B vitaminsLamberts Vitamin B50 Complex is a high potency, comprehensive complex of the important B vitamin group. Unlike many other brands this B50 Complex contains inositol and the brainfood choline. It also includes good levels of folic acid and vitamin B6 which play an important role in cardiovascular health through their role in the regulation of homocysteine in the b...

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